OK NSF EPSCoR Annual State Conference: Putting Our Mark on Climate Research

Over 80 researchers from across the state gathered on December 3 in Norman to highlight Oklahoma’s climate research efforts during the Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR Annual State Conference. 

Researchers and outreach representatives of the Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Award No. IIA-1301789, “Adapting Socio-Ecological Systems to Increased Climate Variability,” presented mid-project progress updates during the conference, while post-docs and students displayed over 30 posters highlighting their multi-disciplinary participation in the EPSCoR project. (Twenty-nine of the abstracts may be viewed below.)

On December 1-2, prior to the Annual State Conference, EPSCoR researchers partnered with the highly esteemed Governor's Water Conference and Research Symposium to further expand the EPSCoR State Conference’s goal of increasing collaboration and furthering research growth.  EPSCoR research was featured during a half-day session during the meeting on Dec. 2 titled "Integrated Socio-Ecological Research on Water."  Access the Dec. 2 EPSCoR agenda.  This strategic partnership allowed a diverse group of researchers from the Oklahoma Water Resources Board, Oklahoma Water Resources Center, and Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR to come together, share research findings, and continue the important process of building new relationships to support climate science research in the state.  Oklahoma State University Vice President for Research Dr. Kenneth Sewell closed Wednesday’s EPSCoR proceedings with a keynote dinner address, where he spoke of the importance of Oklahoma as a research state.


Conference Materials:  
Proceedings, Presentations, Posters & Abstracts

Conference Proceedings

Speaker Presentations

Poster Presentations

  1. Presenter: Rajen Bajgain
    Assessing Summer Drought Over Oklahoma Mesonet Sites with the MODIS Land Surface Water Index
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  2. Presenter: Jingnuo Dong
    An Approach to Revealing Meso-scale Spatial Patterns of Soil Moisture
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  3. Presenter: Jon Giddens
    Urban Forest Health and Mortality in the Oklahoma City Metro Region
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  4. Presenter: Chih-Yu Lai
    Spatial Interpolation for Temperature and Precipitation in Oklahoma Weather, Society and Government Survey
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  5. Presenter: Miriam Laytner
    “All That’s Left Are Memories”: Lake Sardis and the Reconstruction of Memories Regarding Water, Wetlands...

  6. Presenter: Jason Patton
    Towards a High Resolution Soil Moisture Map of Oklahoma
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  7. Presenter: Yuanwei Qin
    Oklahoma Map of Forest Cover at 30-m Spatial Resolution in 2010

  8. Presenter: Renato Rahal
    Streamflow Responses to Sea Surface Temperature Variations Across Oklahoma
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  9. Presenter: Michael Stanton
    The Kiamichi Watershed
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  10. Presenter: Mike Treglia
    Does Habitat Stability Promote the Loss of a Complex Life Cycle Stage in a Stream-Associated Salamander

  11. Presenter: Mike Treglia 
    Modeling the Current and Future Distributions of Juniper Spp. Across the Continental United States

  12. Presenter: Tony VanWinkle
    Ethnographic Research in the Upper Washita Watershed
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  13. Presenter: Jie Wang
    Mapping Red Cedar in Oklahoma from 1984 to 2010

  14. Not Presented

  15. Presenter: Justin Alexander
    Assessing Reservoir Operations and the Assoc. Changes in Water Quality on the Persistence of Stream Fishes

  16. Presenter: Brannon Daniels
    Declining Water Conditions and Recreation Demand at Oklahoma Reservoirs
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  17. Presenter: Holly Enlow
    Simulating Reach-Scale Sediment Reduction from Stream Stabilization (Fort Cobb Reservoir Watershed)
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  18. Presenter: Xijia Han
    Statistical Modeling for Spatio-Temporal Soil Moisture Data in Oklahoma
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  19. Presenter: Leon Hounnou
    Modeling Least Cost Selection of Best Management Practices to Reduce Soil Erosion (Fort Cobb Watershed)
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  20. Presenter: Whitney Lisenbee
    Evaluation of Field Jet Erosion Tests and WEPP-predicted Erodibility Parameters in Forests and Grasslands
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  21. Not Presented

  22. Presenter: Yao Zhang
    Gross Primary Production in Oklahoma from 2000 to 2014
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  23. Presenter: Jesus Zubillaga
    Value of Environmental Monitoring Information in Oklahoma Agriculture: A Research Perspective
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  24. Presenter: Benjamin Davis
    Analyzing Changes in Urban Areas Using Landscape Pattern Metrics
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  25. Presenter: Toni Klemm
    Improving Seasonal Climate Forecasts for Oklahoma Winter Wheat Farmers
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  26. Presenter: Daniel Logue
    Detection Estimates and Habitat Occupancy of Two Pelagic Broadcast Spawning Cyprinids
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  27. Presenter: Ronald Miller
    Drought-Influenced Low-Flow Non-Exceedance Plots for Selected USGS Gauges in Oklahoma
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  28. Presenter: Bharat Sharma Acharya
    Temporal Variability in Water Level in a Tallgrass Prairie and Juniper Woodland

  29. Presenter: Claude Buerger
    The LandSHIFT Model: Use and Applications in Oklahoma
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Photos from the conference can be accessed via our Flickr Page.