Research Opportunity Award Plus (ROA+) for Faculty--Summer 2016

Submission Deadline: 
Tuesday, March 1, 2016

About ROA+ Funding

Research Opportunity Award Plus (ROA+) funding provides regional university faculty members from primarily undergraduate institutions in Oklahoma with the opportunity to engage in research at one of Oklahoma’s comprehensive research institutions (OU, OSU, TU, SRNF) during the summer months. This program is designed to enhance personal research experiences, while also supporting the development of ongoing collaborations with faculty at the comprehensive research institutions. These collaborations expand and enhance research efforts across the state.   ROA+ funding also requires visiting researchers to incorporate their research experience into their classroom curriculum.


  • Maximum allowable budget of individual awards is $12,500
  • Budget items for the regional university faculty may include:  summer salary and costs incurred for implementation of research into classroom teaching. The sponsoring lab may request some budget for lab supplies; IDC is allowable.


  • Preference will be given to research proposals in the CLIMATE VARIABILITY field
  • Areas of STEM research other than climate variability will be considered
  • Medical research does not qualify for funding through this program


Applications must be routed through the appropriate institutional grants office (i.e., by the office at the institution processing the grant award). Submit the following items via email to

  1. Completed *cover page form 
  2. Brief description of the proposed research project
    Include a statement outlining how the research experience will be integrated into classroom teaching.  (No formal format required; 2 pages max.)
  3. Budget summary (i.e., salary, lab supplies, IDC, etc.)
  4. Letters of commitment from participating researchers
  5. Biographical sketches/CVs of the participating researchers (2 pages max.)

*Download the Cover Page Form


  • Applications are due 3/1/16  
  • Funding decisions will be announced 4/1/16

Contact Gina Miller, outreach coordinator, at or 405.744.9964.


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