OLAN: Opinion Leader Advisory Network

NSF Award #OIA-1946093

The S3OK Opinion Leader Advisory Network (OLAN) is an integral component of the Socially Sustainable Solutions for Water, Carbon, and Infrastructure Resilience in Oklahoma research project. While the problems addressed by S3OK require science, successful solutions can only be found through collaboration among science communities and state leaders from many sectors, as well as buy-in from the affected public.

The OLAN is designed to help address these needs by bringing together more than 20 Oklahoma leaders from government, industry, and the private sector. OLAN members stay abreast of S3OK science teams’ work and provide critical feedback and project direction via biannual surveys and annual Academies. 

Regular engagement by OLAN:

  • Helps focus the S3OK science effort where it can provide the most benefit to Oklahoma;
  • Strengthens transdisciplinary cooperation and capacities in the state’s universities;
  • Pushes boundaries for creative solutions to some of our most challenging problems; and
  • Engages in problem-solving during a period of increased social tension.

The OLAN will fill at least four critical roles in the S3OK project:

  1. Provides insight into how Oklahomans understand S3OK’s wicked problems
  2. Provides feedback (and pushback) on the direction and value of the S3OK research investment
  3. Helps integrate S3OK science, policy, and wisdom into a strategic direction for Oklahoma
  4. Advocates for the S3OK strategy upon completion of the project

The OLAN plays a crutial role in finding successful solutions to the wicked problems facing Oklahoma. 

Kyle Arthur
General Manager
Central Oklahoma Master Conservancy District
Kara Berst
Undersecretary of Outreach Services
Chickasaw Nation
Michael Carolina
Executive Director
Oklahoma Center for the Advancement of Science & Technology
Shellie Chard
Water Quality Division Director
Oklahoma Dept. of Environmental Quality
Cheryl Cheadle
State Coordinator
Blue Thumb
Julie Cunningham
Executive Director
Oklahoma Water Resources Board
Pennie Embry
Board President
Save Our Water, Inc.
Jimmy Emmons
Regional Director of Farm Production & Conservation
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture 
Michael Graves
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Kyle Hughbanks
President & CEO
Trey Lam
Executive Director
Oklahoma Conservation Commission
Mike Mathis
Regulatory Affairs Advisor
Continental Resources
Chris Mattingly
Director of Utilities
City of Norman
Gary O'Neill
Oklahoma NRCS State Conservationist
USDA - NRCS; U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
Christine Pappas
Dept. of Politics, Law & Society
East Central University
Mark Stringfield
Retired, Director-Engineer Development, Noble Energy, Inc.
ECU Foundation
J.D. Strong
Oklahoma Dept. of Wildlife Conservation
Joe Taron
Chair, Pottawatomie County Development Authority
Oklahoma Rural Water Association
Kinnee Tilley
Vice President, Business Development & Operations
Oklahoma Manufacturing Alliance
Andy Tucker
Economic Development Director
Okemah Chamber of Commerce
Ken Wagner
Secretary of Energy & the Environment
State of Oklahoma