Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR Annual State Conference

Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR sponsors annual, state-wide conferences (2020-2025) that bring together researchers, stakeholders, decision-makers, and other key players to discuss current state and national weather, water, carbon, and infrastructure issues, as well as RII progress and goals. 

NSF EPSCoR scientists share recent research findings with attendees, while keynote presentations from nationally known researchers bring additional insight. Poster sesions further enhance information-sharing and networking among the diverse body of participants.

A pre-conference professional development opportunity for NSF EPSCoR faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students is designed to spotlight grant preparation and enrich tech-writing skills.

For more information on this or other NSF EPSCoR events, visit http://www.okepscor.org/events or contact Kaley Barnicoat, outreach coordinator at 405.744.7645 or kbarnicoat@okepscor.org.