K-12 Teacher Outreach

Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR

K-12 student development is essential to building the STEM pipeline in our state.  However, declining school budgets and rising legislated standards leave Oklahoma schools—and teachers--struggling to provide meaningful enrichment experiences that will spark students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Three adults working on a project togetherOK EPSCoR, in collaboration with partner groups and agencies, is working to foster K-12 student interest in STEM areas through  educational opportunities, curriculum and training for teachers and their students.

For detailed information regarding opportunities available for teachers, access the individual program links via the menu on the right side of this page.  You may also access the OK EPSCoR outreach program brochure here.  For more information, contact Kaley Barnicoat, OK EPSCoR outreach coordinator, at 405.744.7645 or email kbarnicoat@okepscor.org.

Resources for Teachers

  • Biofuels Curriculum Resource Grid
    This is a detailed guide that includes links to access biofuels and renewable energy curricular materials for Oklahoma agriculture teachers.
  • Glossary of Bioenergy Terms
    Questions such as, "What is bioenergy?" and "What are fungible fuels?" are answered in this comprehensive glossary of bioenergy terms.
  • K20alt SPARK Bioenergy Curriculum
    "Scientists Promoting Authentic Resources in K-12" provides teachers with hands-on science curriculum that meets state education standards, while also providing students with cellulosic bioenergy knowledge for the 21st Century.  "Planting Fuel:  Photosynthesis" is the first lesson in the biofuels series. A supportive video for teachers, lesson plans, PowerPoint tutorial, detailed PASS objectives, experiments, graphs and student handouts are all available through the program.
  • Women in Science Wiki:
    Access links and information to help teachers encourage students to pursue STEM careers.