A One-Stop Shop for Oklahoma Water Quality & Quantity Data

The Oklahoma Water Survey’s Water Data Web Portal, launched last spring, will make it easier to track water quality and availability throughout the state.  The portal is an integrated source of water
information gathered from more than 20 different government agencies, tribes and organizations with water management interests and responsibilities, according to OWS Director and Oklahoma EPSCoR Researcher Dr. Robert Puls. 

Puls explains that the portal’s overriding goal is to provide water resource managers and other users with an efficient and effective method to obtain, organize and interpret local water quantity and water quality data.   

The portal provides one-stop shopping by synthesizing information that, in the past, users obtained by visiting multiple Web sites and navigating cumbersome platforms.  Today users can easily download information, including data tables and charts, via the Web portal’s single, intuitive interface.  

The portal, accessed at http://data.oklahomawatersurvey.org/portal/, has applications to benefit a vast array of users, including researchers, city planners, public safety officers, farmers, educators, property owners, and recreational water enthusiasts.
Scientists can easily obtain verified water quality and water quantity data to use in their research, while individuals and families can use the portal to investigate lake levels or to check recreational water quality at some locations before making their weekend summer plans.  
The mission of the Oklahoma Water Survey is to study the state’s water resources and to collect, analyze, interpret and disseminate research-based information about water to researchers, students, teachers, citizens, governments, businesses and organizations. The Web portal is a primary agent of this mission.  
For more information, visit www.oklahomawatersurvey.org.