Creative-Startups Accelerator Program for Creative Entrepreneurs

Submission Deadline: 
Sunday, August 31, 2014

Funding Opportunity  
All EPSCoR jurisdiction applicants receive a twenty five percent discount on tuition for this program. (Program fee after EPSCoR scholarship is $2,050 for first team member; $1,325 for each additional team member.) Access detailed program fee and scholarship information at

Creative-Startups is the nation’s first startup accelerator focused exclusively on creative entrepreneurs.  Based at UNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, connects aspiring creative entrepreneurs to successful creatives who have launched and built successful companies including Fast Company Magazine, Putumayo World Music, edutopia, and ideum.  

Accelerators have popped up across the globe but nearly all exclusively serve the tech industry.  Creative-Startups is unique in that the teaching and mentoring will come entirely from successful entrepreneurs whose core skills are in a creative field. 


The core curriculum is built by a leading Stanford University entrepreneurship faculty who teaches in the Department of Engineering.  Three weeks of distance learning coupled with a "5 Day Deep Dive" in Albuquerque make the accelerator program accessible to entrepreneurs across the nation.  Successful applicants will receive an array of benefits including being able to compete for $50,000 in seed investment.

CS Mentors
1.) venture capitalists who collectively manage over $3.6 billion in venture funds
2.) angel and professional investors who have raised over $366 million for startups
3.) founders/CEOs who are currently growing ventures in biotech, digital media, design, advertising 
4.) media producers who have created iconic brands like MASH, Public Enemy, and Atari

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Alice Loy, PhD
Co-founder and Director of Programs
Global Center for Cultural Entrepreneurship
aliceloy  (Skype)
@culturalpreneur (twitter)
~ Accelerating the Success of Creative-Cultural Entrepreneurs ~