Native American Student STEM Competition and Teacher Conference

K-12 Student & Teacher Outreach

Teams of middle school and high school students from across the state will participate in this one-day STEM competition at the University of Tulsa; each team must be comprised of a majority of Native American students.

All-girl, all-boy, and co-ed divisions encourage active participation among students and strong collaboration within teams. A variety of interactive, hands-on challenges, as well as a scientific poster competition, increase STEM and climate/meteorological awareness, inspire creativity, and engage the cultural sensitivity of participants. As a component of participation, students must present a digital journal, highlighting their experiences, to their schools after the event.

Teachers who have brought students to the event will participate in a concurrent conference that addresses teaching STEM to underrepresented minorities and how to implement STEM successfully in today’s classroom. A post-event teacher workshop will explore the conference’s impact on students in the classroom. Participating teachers may receive Graduate credit.

For more information: 

Dr. David Brown, University of Tulsa 

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