Intense Laboratory Experiences & Mentorship for Undergrads

College Student Outreach

Researchers directly affiliated with the OK NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1 project may apply for Intensive Laboratory Mentorship Opportunity awards (2022-2024). Awards are to support theme-related research experiences (e.g. weather, water, carbon, energy, and infrastructure) for undergraduate students in researchers’ labs during the summer months. 

Students will benefit from faculty mentorship, while participating in intense, focused lab research. Recent studies have found that students who perform research as undergrads are more than 30% more likely to graduate than their peers and as much as 48% more likely to pursue STEM-related doctoral degrees. 

Proposals will be reviewed by project Administrative and Program Councils. Awards, which are contingent upon available funding, will be based on proposal integrity, while supporting young faculty and increasing participant diversity. 

Questions about the program should be addressed to Gina Miller, outreach coordinator, at 405.744.9964 or