Dr. Yanqi Wu

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Feedstock Development
Associate Professor
Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Oklahoma State University
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B.S. | Animal Science | Ningxia Agricultural College (Ningxia University) | 1985
M.S. | Forage Science | Sichuan Agricultural University | 1988
Ph.D. | Crop Science | Oklahoma State University | 2004
Research Interests: 

“The biofuels research will lead to inventions, which will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, improve our environment, create new job opportunities and be desirable for the agriculture and rural economy.”

Dr. Wu’s research interests focus on switchgrass breeding and molecular genetics. One of his goals is to develop new switchgrass cultivars with improvement in biomass yield and other traits related to viable and sustainable feedstock production for bioenergy use.

Dr. Wu recently was awarded one of the National Association of Plant Breeders' most distinguished honors--the 2010 Early Career Award. 

“Dr. Wu is extremely deserving of this national award, which officially recognizes an individual in the plant breeding field who has demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in his or her research, teaching and collaboration with others,” said Jodi Scheffler, chair of the NAPB awards committee.

“Yanqi has been a valued and beneficial presence, helping the division to provide science-based solutions to concerns and issues of Oklahoma’s rural and urban agricultural interests, as well as advancing scientific understanding about plant breeding in general,” said Dave Porter, head of OSU’s department of plant and soil sciences. (Photo Credit: OSU Agricultural Communication Services

Teaching Responsibilities: 
PLNT 5110: Plant Breeding Methods
Research Assistants Funded by EPSCoR: 

Linglong Liu | Postdoctoral Scientist | China | linglong.liu@okstate.edu

James Todd | Doctoral Student | United States | james.todd@okstate.edu

Shiva Makaju | Doctoral Student | Nepal | shiva.makaju@okstate.edu

Angela Lu | Doctoral Student | China | shuiyi.lu@okstate.edu   

Key Publications: 

Bold items indicate OK EPSCoR-supported research

  • Todd, J., Y.Q. Wu, Z. Wang, and T. Samuels. “Genetic Diversity in Tetraploid Switchgrass Revealed by AFLP Marker Polymorphisms.” Genetics and Molecular Research. (2011). (Accepted)

  • Wang, Y.W., T. Samuels, and Y.Q. Wu. “Development of 1030 Genomic SSR Markers in Switchgrass.” Theoretical and Applied Genetics. (2011). 122: 677-686. doi: 10.1007/s00122-010-1477-4.
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  • Wu, Y.Q., and C.M. Taliaferro. “‘Cimarron’ Switchgrass.” (2008). Oklahoma Agricultural Experiment Station, OK, USA. U.S. Patent Application No.: 12/466,605.
  • Wu, Y.Q., and Y. Huang. “QTL Mapping of Sorghum Resistance to Greenbugs by Molecular Markers.”  Theoretical and Applied Genetics. (2008). 117: 117-124.

  • Wu, Y.Q., C.M. Taliaferro, D.L. Martin, J.A. Anderson, and M.P. Anderson. “Genetic Variability and Relationships for Adaptive, Morphological, and Biomass Traits in Chinese Bermudagrass Accessions.” Crop Science. (2007). 47: 1985-1994. doi: 10.2135/cropsci2007.01.0047.
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