Dr. Stephen Marek

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Feedstock Development
Associate Professor
Entomology and Plant Pathology
Oklahoma State University
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B.S. | Biology | University of Missouri-Columbia | 1990
B.S. | Biochemistry | University of Missouri-Columbia | 1990
M.S. | Agronomy | University of Missouri-Columbia | 1994
Ph.D. | Plant Pathology | University of California-Davis | 2001
Research Interests: 

Dr. Marek's research interests include biology and functional genomics of plant pathogenic fungi, including the following:

  • Switchgrass rust
  • Functional genomics of fungal pathosystems infecting legumes
  • Phymatotrichum root rot genomics
  • Silicon supplementation for disease management in greenhouse floriculture
  • Endophytic fungi in the roots of native and turf grasses
Teaching Responsibilities: 
PLP/BOL 3353: Fungi-Myths and More
PLP/BOL 5104: Mycology
Research Assistants Funded by EPSCoR: 

Samantha Sanders | Undergraduate Student | United States

Gabriela Orquera | Postgraduate Fellow | Ecuador l orquera@okstate.edu

Kihyuck Choi | Doctoral Student | South Korea l kihyuck.choi@okstate.edu

Key Publications: 
  • Kamenidou S, Cavins TJ, Marek SM. 2008. Silicon supplements affect horticultural traits of greenhouse-produced ornamental sunflowers. HortScience 43: 236-239.
  • Caasi, OC, Walker, NR, Marek, SM, Mitchell, TK. 2007. Infection and colonization of three turf-type bermudagrass cultivars by Ophiosphaerella herpotricha expressing green fluorescent protein. Phytopathology 97:S16
  • Dhulipala, M, Marek, SM. 2007. Phoma medicaginis as a model pathosystem for Medicago. Phytopathology 97:S28.
  • Dhulipala MR, Enis JN, Casanova S, Marek SM. 2006. Transformation of Leptosphaerulina trifolii and its interaction with Medicago. Phytopathology 96: S29.
  • Kamenidou S, Casanova S, Dhulipala MR, Enis JN, Cavins TJ, Marek SM. 2006. Transformation of Botrytis cinerea with GFP - A tool to study the cytology of silicon-induced resistance against gray mold. Phytopathology 96: S57.
  • Lee HK, Marek SM, Young C, Sledge M. 2006. Variation for Phymatotrichopsis omnivora alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Phytopathology 96: S65.
  • Marek SM, Cavins TJ, Kamenidou S. 2006. Soluble silicon-based disease management of floricultural crops. Greenhouse Product News 16: 62.
  • Marek SM, Muller RM, Walker NR. 2006. First report of ergot of bermudagrass caused by Claviceps cynodontis in Oklahoma. Plant Disease 90: 376.
  • Walker, N. R., Mitchell, T. K., Morton, A. N., and Marek, S. M. 2006. Influence of temperature and time of year on colonization of bermudagrass roots by Ophiosphaerella herpotricha. Plant Dis. 90:1326-1330.
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  • Marek SM, Wu J, Glass NL, Gilchrist DG, Bostock RM. 2003. Nuclear DNA degradation during heterokaryon incompatibility in Neurospora crassa resembles programmed cell death. Fungal Genetics and Biology 40: 126-137.
  • Lee MH, Marek SM, Bostock RM. 2002. Redox regulation of Monilinia fructicola cutinase expression and germ tube development. Phytopathology Publication no. P-2002-0672-AMA.
  • Marek SM, Pan Z, Ciuffetti LM, Bostock, RM. 2002. Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated transformation of Monilinia fructicola with green fluorescent protein. Phytopathology Publication no. P-2002-0673-AMA.
  • Marek, S. M. and Bostock, R. M. 2000. Etiology of cold storage canker of fruit and nut trees in California. Phytopathology 90:S49. Publication no. P-2000-0348-AMA.
  • Marek, SM, Roberts CA, Karr AL, Sleper DA. 2000. Chitinase activity in tall fescue seedlings as affected by cultivar, seedling development, and ethephon. Crop Science 40: 713-716.
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