Dr. Stephen Marek

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Feedstock Development
Associate Professor
Entomology and Plant Pathology
Oklahoma State University
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B.S. | Biology | University of Missouri-Columbia | 1990
B.S. | Biochemistry | University of Missouri-Columbia | 1990
M.S. | Agronomy | University of Missouri-Columbia | 1994
Ph.D. | Plant Pathology | University of California-Davis | 2001
Research Interests: 

Investigating Plant Rust and Other Pathogens to Improve Switchgrass Yield for Bioenergy Use

Dr. Marek's research interests include biology and functional genomics of plant pathogenic fungi, including the following:

  • Switchgrass rust
  • Functional genomics of fungal pathosystems infecting legumes
  • Phymatotrichum root rot genomics
  • Silicon supplementation for disease management in greenhouse floriculture
  • Endophytic fungi in the roots of native and turf grasses

Photo (right):  Switchgrass plant exhibiting leaf rust
Photo credit: Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation

Teaching Responsibilities: 
PLP/BOL 3353: Fungi-Myths and More
PLP/BOL 5104: Mycology
Research Assistants Funded by EPSCoR: 

Samantha Sanders | Undergraduate Student | United States

Gabriela Orquera | Postgraduate Fellow | Ecuador l orquera@okstate.edu

Kihyuck Choi | Doctoral Student | South Korea l kihyuck.choi@okstate.edu

Key Publications: 
  • Uppalapati, S. R., C. A. Young, S. M. Marek, and K. S. Mysore (2010). "Phymatotrichum (cotton) Root Rot Caused by Phymatotrichopsis Omnivora: Retrospects and Prospects." Molecular Plant Pathology 11.3: 325-34. Wiley Online Library. doi:10.1111/j.1364-3703.2010.00616.
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  • Uppalapati, S. R., S. M. Marek, L. Hee-Kyung, J. Nakashima, Y. Tang, M. K. Sledge, R. A. Dixon, and K. S. Mysore (2009). "In the Interaction of Medicago Truncatula with Phymatotrichopsis Omnivora, Global Gene Expression Profiling Reveals a Role for Jasmonic Acid, Ethylene and the Flavonoid Pathway." Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction 22: 7-17.
  • Kamenidou, S., T. J. Cavins, and S. M. Marek (2008). "Silicon Supplements Affect Horticultural Traits of Greenhouse-produced Ornamental Sunflowers." HortScience 43: 236-39. HortScience.
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  • Caasi, O. C., N. R. Walkder, S. M. Marek, and T. K. Mitchel (2007). "Infection and Colonization of Three Turf-type Bermudagrass Cultivars by Ophiosphaerella Herpotricha Expressing Green Fluorescent Protein." Phytopathology 97: S16.
  • Dhulipala, M., and S. M. Marek (2007). "Phoma Medicaginis as a Model Pathosystem for Medicago." Phytopathology 97: S28.
  • Dhulipala, M. R., J. N. Enis, S. Casanova, and S. M. Marek (2006). "Transformation of Leptosphaerulina Trifolii and Its Interaction with Medicago." Phytopathology 96: S29.
  • Kamenidou, S., S. Casanova, M. R. Dhulipala, J. N. Enis, T. J. Cavins, and S. M. Marek (2006). "Transformation of Botrytis Cinerea with GFP - A Tool to Study the Cytology of Silicon-induced Resistance against Gray Mold." Phytopathology 96: S57.
  • Lee, H. K., S. M. Marek, C. Young, and M. Sledge (2006). "Variation for Phymatotrichopsis Omnivora Alfalfa (Medicago Sativa L.)." Phytopathology 96: S65.
  • Marek, S. M., T. J. Cavins, and S. Kamenidou (2006). "Stephen Marek." Greenhouse Product News 16: 62. Molecular Plant Biotechnology Network @ Oklahoma State University.
  • Walker, N. R., T. K. Mitchell, A. N. Morton, and S. M. Marek (2006). "First Report of Ergot of Bermudagrass Caused by Claviceps Cynodontis in Oklahoma." Plant Disease 90.3: 1326-330. Plant Disease. doi: 10.1094/PD-90-0376C.
  • Walker, N. R., T. K. Mitchell, A. N. Morton, and S. M. Marek (2006). "Influence of Temperature and Time of Year on Colonization of Bermudagrass Roots by Ophiosphaerella Herpotricha." Plant Disease 90.10: 1326-330. Plant Disease. doi: 10.1094/PD-90-1326.
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  • Lee, H. K., S. M. Marek, and M. K. Sledge (2005). "Effects of Culture Media on the Growth of Phymatotrichopsis Omnivora." Phytopathology 95: S1112.
  • Lee, H. K., S. M. Marek, and M. K. Sledge (2005). "Growth Chamber Assay for Phymatotrichum Root Rot of Medicago Species." Phytopathology 95: S1112.
  • Lee, H. K., S. M. Marek, and M. K. Sledge (2005). "Scanning Electron Microscopy of Infection of Alfalfa Roots by Phymatotrichopsis Omnivora." Phytopathology 95: S1112.
  • Littlefield, L. J., S. M. Marek, R. J. Tyrl, and K. S. Winkelman (2005). "Morphological and Molecular Characterization of Puccinia Lagenophorae, Now Present in Central North America." Annals of Applied Biology 147: 35-42.
  • Marek, S. M. (2005). "Molecular Systematics of the Cotton Root Rot Pathogen, Phymatotrichopsis Omnivora." Phytopathology 95: S65.
  • Walker, N. R., S. M. Marek, and C. M. Taliaferro (2005). "Colonization of Bermudagrass Roots Produced from Stolons by Ophiosphaerella Herpotricha." Phytopathology 95: S107. CSA Illumina.
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  • Dhulipala, M., J. N. Enis, and S. M. Marek (2004). "Agrobacterium-mediated Transformation of Phoma Medicaginis." Phytopathology 94: S25.
  • Marek, S. M., J. Wu, N. L. Glass, D. G. Gilchrist, and R. M. Bostock (2003). "Nuclear DNA Degradation during Heterokaryon Incompatibility in Neurospora Crassa Resembles Programmed Cell Death." Fungal Genetics and Biology 40: 126-37.
  • Lee, M. H., S. M. Marek, and R. M. Bostock (2002). "Redox Regulation of Monilinia Fructicola Cutinase Expression and Germ Tube Development." Phytopathology Publication no. P-2002-0672-AMA.
  • Marek, S. M., Z. Pan, L. M. Ciuffetti, and R. M. Bostock (2002). "Agrobacterium Tumefaciens-mediated Transformation of Monilinia Fructicola with Green Fluorescent Protein." Phytopathology Publication no. P-2002-0673-AMA.
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  • Marek, S. M., C. A. Roberts, P. R. Beuselinck, and A. L. Karr (1995). "Silver Stain Detection of Chitinolytic Enzymes after Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis." Analytical Biochemistry 230: 184-85. SciVerse. doi:10.1006/abio.1995.1457.
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  • Roberts, C. A., S. M. Marek, L. Wang, and A. L. Karr (1994). "Determination of Chitinase Activity in Tall Fescue by near Infrared Reflectance Spectroscopy." Crop Science 34: 1070-073.

Etiology of Switchgrass Rust (Puccinia emaculata) by Stephen Marek
A presentation in the OK EPSCoR Biofuels Teleconference Series