Dr. Ralph Tanner

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Microbial Conversion
Department of Botany and Microbiology
University of Oklahoma
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B.S. | Microbiology | University of Massachusetts | 1975
M.S. | Microbiology | University of Illinois | 1977
Ph.D. | Microbiology | University of Illinois | 1982
Research Interests: 

Cellulosic Bioenergy Research:  Microbial Conversion

Dr. Tanner's research focuses on a variety of projects, with emphasis on applied microbiology in anaerobic systems and bacterial catalysts for biofuels production.

Key Publications: 
  • Huhnke, R. L., R. S. Lewis, and R. S. Tanner (27 Apr. 2010). "Biofpr: Patent Intelligence Article: Isolation and Characterization of Novel Clostridial Species." Biofpr. Home. World Intellectual Property Organization.
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  • Maune, M. W., K. E. Duncan, and R. S. Tanner (2006). "Classification of the Acetogen Strain Mu1 and the Reclassification of Moorella Thermoautotrophica." Abst. Annual Meeting, American Society for Microbiology R86: 590.
  • Saxena, J., and R. S. Tanner (2006). "Effect of Trace Metals on Ethanol Production by Clostridium Strain P11." Abst. Annual Meeting, American Society for Microbiology 06: 422.
  • Tanner, R. S. (1997). "Cultivation of Bacteria and Fungi." Manual of Environmental Microbiology. By C. J. Hurst and G. R. Knudsen. Washington, D.C.: ASM. Cab Direct.
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