Dr. Dana Brunson

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Observatory Network * Decision-Support System
High Performance Computing Center
Oklahoma State University
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B.S. | Mathematics | Oklahoma State University | 1993
M.S. | Mathematics | Oklahoma State University | 1995
Ph.D. | Numerical Analysis | University of Texas at Austin | 2005
Research Interests: 

Providing Computational Science Services and Expertise

Dr. Dana Brunson is the director of the Oklahoma State University High Performance Computing Center (HPCC).  HPCC provides supercomputing services and computational science expertise that enables faculty and students to conduct a wide range of focused research, development, and test activities. The center puts advanced technology in the hands of the academic population more quickly, less expensively, and with greater certainty of success.

Through the OK EPSCoR climate variability research project, Dr. Brunson will provide computational insight, guidance and services to the multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional research team.  Specifically, she will be involved with the following project components:

  • Establishment of a first-of-its-kind, statewide, socio-ecological observatory
  • Development of a pilot decision-support system that provides researchers, educators and practitioners with data, models, tools and scenarios that are needed to explore and understand the social and ecological impacts of management and policy decisions.

About the OSU High Performance Computing Center

The main objective of the HPCC is to promote research and teaching on campus by integrating state-of-the-art high performance computing technology for faculty, staff and students. The HPCC provides consulting services to help researchers with their experimental software and hardware needs; and also training is offered to faculty, staff, and students in parallel computing concepts and operations. Additionally, the HPCC provides the necessary system support to clusters and HPC systems across the OSU campus. The HPCC serves as a liaison between various groups and areas that are engaged in research. The goal of the HPCC is to facilitate research and aid in educational advancement, providing high-performance computing to individuals and administrative units, as well as multidisciplinary units across campus.

Research Assistants Funded by EPSCoR: 

Evan Linde (Staff)
Dept. of Information Technology and Informatics, Oklahoma State University
Research Focus:  Providing cyberinfrastructure resources, training, and expertise; working directly with researchers to evaluate computing needs, and deploy environments to meet them.
Email:  elinde@okstate.edu

Curriculum Vitae: