Intense Laboratory Experiences & Mentorship for Undergrads Awards Announced

Three OK NSF EPSCoR faculty researchers have been awarded Intense Laboratory Experiences and Mentorship for Undergraduates awards to support undergrad students' participation in S3OK theme-related research projects this summer.

Awards went to the following faculty mentors and students:

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Foltz, OSU
Student Researcher: Madi Wilson, OSU
Research Project: Influence of Soil Carbon on Denitrification and Nitrous Oxide Production Potentials


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tim Hubin, SWOSU
Student Researcher: Jessica Thompson, SWOSU
Research Project: Incorporating Macrocyclic Transition Metal Complexes into Polyesters as Recyclable Oxidation Catalysts for Water Purification 


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Arif Mohaimin Sadri, OU
Student Researcher: Menziwokuhle Bandise Thwala, OU
Research Project: Identifying Critical Interdependence between Transportation and Social Networks: A Rapid Research Opportunity for Undergraduates