Funding Opportunity: OK NASA EPSCoR Travel Grants

Submission Deadline: 
Monday, September 19, 2022
  • Proposals Due: September 19, 2022
  • Awards Announced: September 30, 2022
  • Period of Performance: September 30, 2022 - May 15, 2023
  • Research Report Due:  June 1, 2023


Oklahoma NASA EPSCoR has released its Fall 2022 Travel Grant solicitation. The grants provide $3,000 in funding to enable faculty to spend up to three days visiting with NASA scientists to explore research collaborations. 

  • Five Competitively Selected Travel Grant Awards selected by NASA Oklahoma EPSCoR Committee
  • Up to $3,000 award
  • Funds for faculty may be used to spend up to three days and two nights visiting with NASA scientists to explore research collaborations and forge a direct partnership at NASA Centers and NASA Mission Directorates; funds may also be used for student researchers to travel 
  • Research must align with

For complete solicitation information, including possible updates of the information posted above, visit the OK NASA EPSCoR website at Travel Grants (

Questions should be addressed to: Madeline Baugher at