Christopher Malloy

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
SD Focus Area: Social Dynamics Research Framework
Assistant Professor of Economics
Dodge Family College of Arts and Sciences
University of Oklahoma
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B.S. | Economics | University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN | 2015
M.A. | Economics | University of Colorado - Denver, Denver, CO | 2017
M.A. | Economics | University of California - Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA | 2018
Ph.D. | Economics | University of California - Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA | 2023
Key Publications: 
  • The Precautionary Consequences of Wildfire Liability: Evidence from Power Shutoffs in California
  • Causal Effects of Renewable Portfolio Standards on Renewable Investments and Generation: The Role of Heterogeneity and Dynamics (with Olivier Deschênes and Gavin McDonald) [Under Review]
  • Can the Low-Carbon Transition Energize Labor Markets? Evidence from Wind Electricity Investments in the U.S. (with Olivier Deschênes)
  • Equitable Low-Carbon Transition Pathways for California’s Oil Extraction (with Ranjit Deshmukh, Paige Weber, Olivier Deschênes, David Lea, Kyle Meng, Danae Hernandez Cortes, Tia Kordell, Ruiwen Lee, Tracey Mangin, Measrainsey Meng, Sandy Sum, Vincent Thivierge, and Anagha Uppal)
Curriculum Vitae: