Dr. Tracy Boyer

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Observatory Network * Forecasting System * Decision-Support System
Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural Economics
Oklahoma State University
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B.A. | International Relations | Stanford University | 2003
M.A. | Public Affairs | University of Minnesota | 1997
Ph.D. | Applied Economics | University of Minnesota | 2003
Research Interests: 

Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR Researchers:
Socio-Ecological Systems' Adaptation to Climate Variability

Dr. Tracy Boyer, associate professor of agricultural economics at Oklahoma State University, conducts research in the areas of environmental and resource economics.  Her work focuses on the preservation of water, wetlands, and ecosystems, as well as ecosystem valuation.  She also researches tradeoffs that exist between conservation and development. 

Dr. Boyer’s work has shown the importance of valuing benefits that are gained through recreational and ecosystem water resources in Oklahoma, including the upper and lower Illinois River, Lake Tenkiller, the Mountain Fork River, and other public lakes in Oklahoma. 

In addition to serving as the co-lead researcher on the OK NSF EPSCoR research project, her work addresses three research objectives, including:

  1. Establishment of a first-of-its-kind, statewide, socio-ecological observatory;
  2. Development of a fully integrated socio-ecological modeling and prediction system that is designed to integrate qualitative and quantitative approaches and to systematically examine insights from both disciplinary and integrated perspectives;
  3. Development of a pilot decision-support system that provides researchers, educators and practitioners with data, models, tools and scenarios that are needed to explore and understand the social and ecological impacts of management and policy decisions. 

Dr. Boyer is also co-PI on two other grants that address water conservation and marketing drought tolerant grass cultivars in Oklahoma.  In these studies, she is examining determinants of adoption of long-term investments in conservation from the consumer and producer perspectives.  Other research projects involve land use planning and wind power benefits.

Pictured above/right: Drs. Boyer, Chung, Palma and Martin tour an OSU turf greenhouse for drought tolerant cultivar research.

Teaching Responsibilities: 
AGEC 5503: Economics of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy, Oklahoma State University
AGEC 4503: Environmental Economics and Resource Development, Oklahoma State University
Research Assistants Funded by EPSCoR: 

Monika Ghimire (Post-Doctoral Fellow)
Dept. of Agricultural Economics, Oklahoma State University
Research Focus:  Providing policy, mapping, and economic research assistance for the Oklahoma City watershed.
Email:  monika.ghimire@okstate.edu

Key Publications: 


Publications Closely Related to the Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR Climate Variability Project:

  • Boyer, T. A., Melstrom, R. T., & Sanders, L. D. (2017, March 1). Effects of Climate Variation and Water Levels on Reservoir Recreation. Lake and Reservoir Management, 00:1-11.

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  • Boyer, Tracy and Stephen Polasky “Valuing Urban Wetlands.” Wetlands, January 2005.

Other Publications:

  • Boyer, T.A. Hopkins, M. and Moss, J. Q., in press for October 2016. "Public Acceptance and Willingness to Pay for Water Reuse: A Case Study for Oklahoma” in edited volume, Competition for Water Resources in the 21st Century –Experiences and Perspectives from Two Sides of Atlantic by Ziolkowska, Jr. R. and Peterson, J.   
  • Boyer, Tracy A.; Sanders, Larry D.; Melstrom, Richard; Stoecker, Art; and Ferrell, Shannon. 2015. Water-based Recreation in Oklahoma: Water Rights, Valuation, and Implications for Public Policy, Economic Development, and Management.  Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, AGEC-1057. Oklahoma State University.  
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Curriculum Vitae: