Dr. Peter Kedron

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Observatory Network * Decision-Support System
Assistant Professor
Dept. of Geography
Oklahoma State University
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B.A. | Economics | State University of New York at Buffalo | 2004
B.A. | Psychology | State University of New York at Buffalo | 2004
M.A. | Applied Economics | University of Michigan - Ann Arbor | 2005
Ph.D. | Geography | State University of New York at Buffalo | 2012
Research Interests: 

Dr. Peter Kedron’s research program focuses on understanding how geographic differences in economic activity are related to social and ecological aspects of regions. His ongoing research into the emergence of renewable energy industries examines how innovation, policy, and incumbent response shape geographic patterns of adoption and commercialization. Dr. Kedron also contributes to the development of new spatial analytical methods, with a current focus on technological recombination, cluster detection, and downscaling prediction.   

Within the Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR research project he is involved in the development of novel statewide socio-ecological observation, modeling, and decision-support systems designed to aid in the understanding of connections between humans and their environment. 

Dr. Kedron is also Co-PI on two NSF project grants examining the regional evolution of innovation and production in the US biofuel sector (BCS 1338970), and the effect data composition and configuration have on the statistical biases associated with changes in spatial resolution (BCS 1561021). 

Teaching Responsibilities: 
GEOG: 2344
GEOG: 3723
Key Publications: 
  • Kedron, P. (2016) Identifying the geographic extent of environmental inequalities: A comparison of pattern detection methods. The Canadian Geographer. Link

  • Rogerson, P. and Kedron, P. (2012) Optimal weights for focused tests of clustering using the local Moran statistic. Geographical Analysis 44(2): 121-133. Link

  • Kedron, P.and Bagchi-Sen, S. (2012) A study of the emerging renewable energy sector within Iowa. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 101(4): 882-896. Link
Curriculum Vitae: