Dr. Michael Udvardi

EPSCoR Research Focus: 
Terrestrial Water & Carbon Dynamics
Chief Scientific Officer
Noble Research Institute
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B.S. | Biochemistry | Australian National University, Canberra | 1984
Ph.D. | Biochemistry | Australian National University, Canberra | 1989
Research Interests: 

Dr. Michael Udvardi, Noble Research Institute's chief scientific officer, is a member of the OK NSF EPSCoR Track-1 RII Award titled Socially Sustainable Solutions for Water, Carbon, and Infrastructure Resilience in Oklahoma. The $20 million EPSCoR research project is a social science-led, multi-disciplinary collaboration among social, physical, biological, engineering, and computational scientists. More than thirty researchers from across the state are working together on the project, which began July 1, 2020.

Dr. Udvardi's research interests include regulation of senescence and nutrient remobilization in switchgrass; genetic and cellular dissection of mutualistic plant-microbe symbioses in Medicago truncatula; engineering synthetic symbioses between plants and bacteria to deliver nitrogen to crops; Plant Nitrogen Network (PlaNNet) - coordinating research on plant nitrogen for sustainable and productive agriculture; genome-wide analysis of small signaling peptides in Medicago truncatula with an emphasis on macronutrient regulation of root and nodule development; establishment to senescence, plant-microbe and microbe-microbe interactions mediate switchgrass sustainability; characterization of genes with potential to improve symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes; discovery of genes and mechanisms underlying abiotic stress tolerance in plants; characterization of transporters involved in nutrient exchange between legumes and rhizobia during symbiotic nitrogen fixation; and discovery and utilization of senescence regulators to improve yield and quality of forage species.

Dr. Udvardi's research will benefit the OK NSF EPSCoR project's Focus Area 2: Terrestrial Water & Carbon Dynamics TWCD). Through his research, Dr. Udvardi will help advance the team's goal of, "collecting and calibrating data to inform management decisions that will alter ecosystem productivity and carbon storage as well as water yield for agricultural, municipal, industrial, and ecological purposes." The TWCD focus area is central to the wicked problems facing Oklahoma because of conflicting policy narratives that shape concerns about carbon management and risks associated with landscape management practices (e.g., wildfire risks). At the same time, linkages across the TWCD and other focus areas provide opportunities to engage key stakeholder groups in discussions addressing both problem definition and potentially sustainable solution sets. Land use/carbon cycle issues play this crucial role because of the interactions among terrestrial ecosystems and carbon and water cycling, which are in turn integral components of the other impact domains addressed in this research project.

Learn more about the OK NSF EPSCoR research project.

Key Publications: 
  • Kang, Y., Sakiroglu, M., Krom, N., Stanton-Geddes, J., Wang, M., Lee, Y., Young, N., Udvardi, M. 2015. Genome-wide Association of Drought-related and Biomass Traits with HapMap SNPs in Medicago truncatula. Plant Cell and Environment. 38, 1997–2011. 
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