About Us: Oklahoma EPSCoR External Advisory Board

Oklahoma NSF EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Award No. OIA-1301789

Oklahoma EPSCoR External Advisory Board

The Oklahoma State EPSCoR Advisory Committee has appointed an External Advisory Board (EAB) for the climate variability research theme area on the recommendation of the Executive Committee. The EAB consists of discipline-specific experts from out-of-state universities and federal laboratories.  EAB members are:   

Dr. Stephen T. Jackson
Director of Dept. of the Interior Southwest Climate Science Center, U.S. Geological Survey
Professor of Geosciences, Natural Resources, and Environment
University of Arizona

Dr. Gregory A. Kiker
Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering
University of Florida

Dr. Silvia Secchi
Associate Professor of Geographical and Sustainability Sciences
College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Researcher, Environmental Policy Research Program 
University of Iowa

Dr. Daniel Wildcat
Co-Director, Haskell Environmental Research Studies Center
Professor of American Indian Studies
Haskell Indian Nations University

The EAB has been tasked with meeting twice during the second year of the program and at least once a year thereafter. The EAB conducts a technical and scientific review of the EPSCoR program at least once a year. Their review is based in part on research milestones and may include recommendations to the EC, the project director and the State EPSCoR Advisory Committee on the redirection or elimination of project aims and funds. In addition to their oversight responsibility, the EAB members also serve as an important resource for scientific, technical and management support.