2020 Women in Science Conference: Teacher/Student Registration Form

Submissions for this form are closed.


Registration opens: Monday, September 21, 2020,10:00 a.m. (CT)
Registration will close when maximum occupancy has been reached.

This registration form is to be used by teachers who wish to register themselves and their students (grades 6-12) to participate in the 2020 Women in Science Conference. The event will be held on Tuesday, October 27, 2020, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Science Museum Oklahoma in Oklahoma City. Check-in begins the morning of the event at 8:00 a.m. 

Each school may register to bring a maximum of 25 students and two adults to the conference. For groups with more than 12 students, two adults are required. Special Note: If more than one registration is received from the same school, the teacher who registered first will be allowed to attend the conference with his/her students and the second registration will be canceled. Should a duplicate school registration occur, notifications will be made to the affected parties.  

Do not provide students' names on the registration form below, provide only school/teacher information and the TOTAL NUMBER OF STUDENTS who you are committing to bring (max. 2 adults/25 students per school). Teachers are required to supply conference planners with information regarding demographics of their student attendees, as well as t-shirt sizes of the students and teachers via an online form, no later than October 1st at 8.am. A link to the form will be provided to registered teachers after registration closes.   

All adults entering the museum must be registered OR they will be required to pay a regular museum admittance fee the day of the event. So, be sure to register your second adult to secure them free entry into the museum; they do not have to be a teacher (they can be a bus driver, etc.). We will not have any extra passes to distribute the day of the event. If you need to change the name of your second registered adult before the conference, you may do so by emailing the change to gmiller@okepscor.org. I encourage you to register someone now and change the name later if needed.

There is no cost to attend the event; however, registration via the form below is required. Each registered participant will be provided the following the day of the event at no cost to them: a light breakfast snack item, a box lunch w/beverage, a conference t-shirt & backpack, and entry into Science Museum Oklahoma on 10/27/20. Transportation costs are NOT provided.  

Thank you for your participation in the conference and for your support of women in science!  

IMPORTANT:  BE SURE TO CLICK THE SUBMIT BUTTON at the bottom of the page after completing the form. You will receive a confirmation email after submitting your form. If you do not receive an immediate confirmation, email gmiller@okepscor.org right away, as your registration was not received.


This Registration Form Will Open Monday, September 21, 2020,10:00 a.m. (CT)